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Plan B

When Plan A is no longer an option…

[Lit for intelligent chicks]

plan-b-kindle-final-jpegThings were going just fine in the career department – that was until the recession hit – then all bets were off. Jenn Postman, a 27-year-old lifestyle writer for a B-list women’s magazine had never thought that such mundane things as recessions or inflation or job loss could hurt her until the day her world comes crashing down when the magazine folds. Her father, on the phone from Cork Harbour, the small, seaside town where she grew up, asks astutely, “What’s Plan B?”

And Jenn finds herself back in her childhood home, a boomerang kid, working at the only job she can get– in her father’s now-booming gourmet grocery business. Her life changes the day someone finds a tarantula in the banana shipment.

While the customers and staff are all busy trying to rid the store of the offending creature, Jenn finds a cryptic note between the bags of premium Costa Rican coffee she’s unpacking. It’s from “Juan” who says he needs help – Jenn becomes obsessed with this note, and after being aided and abetted by her old friend Faith, a stifled, small-town obstetrician’s wife living vicariously through Jenn, decides to travel to Costa Rica to find Juan.

When your life hits a major road block, sometimes your Plan B is more than a detour – it just might be your real life.

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The Body Traders

The media turned him into a medical God; it will take only one reporter to turn heaven into hell.

THE Body Traders cover FINAL for print front

It has been called undeniably miraculous; it has been called intoxicatingly awe-inspiring. Just as often, it has been called ethically treacherous.  Right or wrong, organ transplantation has been one of the most high-profile medical technologies over the last half a century engendering both reverence and revulsion.  But the people who make these miracles happen are rarely the gods and goddesses they may appear to be.

Set against the backdrop of this search for immortality by developing patch-work people, The Body Traders is the story of a young newspaper reporter, Eve Cochrane, who is assigned to write a series of public relations pieces about the local university medical center’s transplant program.  Facing a crossroads in her own career as a journalist, Eve finds that her nice little feature story might be more interesting than she had first thought.  Dr. Daniel Curtis is the charismatic head of the transplant program who has his own reasons for wanting the program to flourish   His evangelical approach to his chosen work was significantly inspired by his own father’s successful career as a television evangelist.  Daniel Curtis, however, has control over life and death on this earth; this increasingly intoxicating feeling of power is the driving force behind both his work and his relationships.

Complicating this “power versus right” struggle is Eve and Daniel’s relationship as former lovers.

Eve’s investigation introduces her to a series of people whose lives have been touched in some way by the transplant program: the transplant coordinator who really wanted to be a doctor and will do anything for Daniel Curtis; a young liver transplant recipient who refuses another transplant; the kidney recipient who sets out to find the identity of her organ donor and discovers files on donors are missing from medical records. In the course of her investigation she discovers that the work of the International Body Replacement Society might provide answers to her questions.

Eve is aided in her work by Dr. Paul Fairfax, a brilliant children’s heart transplant surgeon who also seems to desire to see right done. But Eve doesn’t quite know the whole story. Yet.

When Eve discovers a tie between The International Body Replacement Society and a large, international pharmaceutical company, things begin to unravel.

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Grace Note: In Hildegard’s Shadow

[Historical Fiction]


To most people it would have seemed like an obscure article in an obscure academic journal. To author P.J. Parsons, it was a challenge. The article called into question the authorship of music attributed to twelfth century mystic Hildegard of Bingen.

This is the story of two women, Hildegard and her childhood friend Lysanor of Rupertsberg, both ahead of their time in many ways. Hildegard becomes a twenty-first century saint and icon. The other is but a grace note – an embellishment of secondary importance. But their lives intertwine in ways that challenge both of them, taking them into experiences they could never have imagined. And both, in their own ways, have left a legacy to the generations that followed.

This is Lysanor’s own story about her life – and the life of her friend, the mystic.

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Yuppie cover

Confessions of a Failed Yuppie: Everyone has a Secret [lit for intelligent chicks]

Secrets…they’re the stuff of everyone’s life. But most of us are not confessing!

Thirty-something Alex Harvey has secrets. With her tenth wedding anniversary party looming large, she begins to reassess her choices and her depressingly predictable Yuppie life – a lifestyle heartily embraced by her fastidious dentist husband, Eric. But failing as a Yuppie is only one of her secrets. The other one is even more delicious: unbeknownst to any of her friends or family, Alex has been writing fabulously successful women’s erotica for years, and occasionally her characters invade her life. On the occasion of her tenth wedding anniversary one sticky June night, the secrets begin to emerge. By the time the party is over, life will never be the same again…for anyone. Join Alex for a hilarious romp toward complete candor, and raise a martini glass to being who you are!

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In the Shadow of the Raven [historical fiction]

“When you count Edgar Poe among your friends, you are always…in the shadow of the raven…”

While teaching at a Canadian university, ex-pat American English professor Sean O’Hara stumbles on the diary of his great-great-great grandmother, Bridget Ryan. With a doctorate in English literature based on the work of Edgar Allan Poe, Sean is drawn into Bridget’s story when he discovers that she and Poe were contemporaries, and more than that, it appears they were friends for a time.

When the diary begins in 1925, 16-year-old Bridget’s one burning desire is to follow her widower father’s footsteps into medicine – she desperately wants to be admitted to the medical school. Having never admitted a woman before, the school has no intention of doing so now. Thus, Bridget is faced with finding another path for her life, a path that leads her into a lifetime of friendship with Edgar Poe. The story sweeps us into Bridget’s life in Boston and Baltimore, as we begin to piece together the mystery that still surrounds the final few days of Poe’s life.

Haunted by a medical journal article titled “The Life and Addictions of Edgar Allan Poe” author P.J. Parsons conjures a story of what might have been. Rich in carefully researched historical detail, this book is one answer to what really might have happened to Poe in those last, lost days of his life – and who the mysterious stranger who to this day places three roses and cognac on Poe’s grave every year in the wee hours of the morning on his birthday might be.