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In the Shadow of the Raven

2013 raven front cover copyWhile teaching at a Canadian university, ex-pat American English professor Sean O’Hara stumbles on the diary of his great-great-great grandmother, Bridget Ryan. With a doctorate in English literature based on the work of Edgar Allan Poe, Sean is drawn into Bridget’s story when he discovers that she and Poe were contemporaries, and more than that, it appears they were friends for a time.

The reader is swept from Sean’s university reality back into Bridget’s life in Boston and Baltimore, as we begin to piece together the mystery that still surrounds the final few days of Poe’s life.

During my years as a health and medical writer, I read numerous medical journals. Back in 1992 I happened upon an article by a Dr. Robert Patterson in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. It was titled “The Life and Addictions of Edgar Allan Poe” and the mystery of his life, his addictions and his death haunted me for years.  I tucked it away into a writing journal where it stayed for a decade until one day I pulled it out and this story emerged. This book is my answer to what might have been.

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Step into Bridget’s world with me.

Part I

Chapter 1: 1- 2016 IN THE SHADOW OF THE RAVEN Part 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 2: 2 – 2016 IN THE SHADOW OF THE RAVEN Part 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3: 3 – 2016 IN THE SHADOW OF THE RAVEN Part 1 Chapter 3




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