A nonfiction writer for over thirty years, I’ve spent several decades teaching writing to university students in corporate communications.

In recent years, my work has focused on writing women’s and historical fiction and teaching aspiring writers. Welcome to my online home.

My most recent project is my YouTube series Write. Fix. Repeat. on YouTube where my objective is to help other writers improve their knowledge and skill in writing and publishing…5 tips at a time.

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My most recent book…

This is the Way the Story Ends

The “almost-but-not-quite-true stories” Book 5

“This is the Way the Story Ends,” tells the real story of how “Something I’m Supposed to Do” ends.

Other Fiction


My newest nonfiction…

There are many reasons why you might consider writing a nonfiction book. You may be an expert and want to share your insights in a specific area of expertise. You may be an entrepreneur who would like to showcase your knowledge and skills to potential clients. You may have a passion for a subject area and want to share your research and insights with the broader world. You might have an interesting personal story and want to write a memoir to enrich others’ lives. Whatever the reason you may have for considering writing a book, your first step is to plan and write a book proposal…