plan-b-headshotI’ve been a writer since the publication of my first nonfiction book on the ethics and politics of organ transplantation in Canada many years ago. Boring? Not so much, but just very different from where my writing has taken me since.

After years of writing health & business books (while secretly writing fiction) I finally began to write and publish about the things that I’m passionate about: historical events and strong women. I’m also passionate about writing and books and continue to mentor new and nearly-new writers. 

Now I live in Toronto where I write women’s and historical fiction and teach aspiring nonfiction writers. 

I love a great martini – three olives, please – and a wonderful glass of wine. I’m also passionate about design and couture sewing, which I write about at The GG Files.  I also travel often with my husband and we write about it at The Discerning Travelers.

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