How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal That Sells: A Workbook

There are many reasons why you might consider writing a nonfiction book. You may be an expert and want to share your insights in a specific area of expertise. You may be an entrepreneur who would like to showcase your knowledge and skills for potential clients. You may have a passion for a subject area and want to share your research and insights with the wider world. You might have an interesting personal story and want to write a memoir to enrich others’ lives. Whatever the reason you may have for considering writing a book, your first step is to plan and write a book proposal.

Agents and publishers demand nonfiction proposals, and if you plan to self-publish, your proposal (for yourself) provides you with direction for writing, publishing and eventual marketing.

I’ve designed this online course to help you create a draft proposal that will become the basis for your final nonfiction book proposal.

I’ll guide you through a series of exercises so that you will complete the course with your draft in hand.

I sold my first nonfiction book to a publisher based on my first book proposal attempt in 1988. Since then, I’ve written and successfully sold almost a dozen nonfiction books―all based on the proposal. A seasoned teacher, I also spent 26 years teaching writing and communication strategy as a university professor in communications studies. Join me, Patricia J. Parsons, as we develop your nonfiction book proposal together.

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