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Do writers need other people?

crowd 2It’s often been said that writing is a solitary occupation.  Franz Kafka opined as much when he wrote: “Writing is utter solitude, the descent into the cold abyss of oneself.”  And my personal approach to writing is very private.  I have rarely let others read my unfinished work.

The only person who regularly reads my work-in-progress is my trusty in-house editor, and sometime collaborator, my husband.  I have never been one for writing groups.  But these days it is next to impossible to completely avoid that kind of inter-author engagement given the plethora of social media and perhaps even the necessity for developing what has become that annoying phrase: the writer’s platform.

All of this begs a couple of questions for me:  Do writers need other writers?  And if they do, what do they need them for?

I’m working on a piece of writing that could use just such answers.  In an effort to open my mind to others’ perspectives, I’m hoping that as many writers as I can “engage” with will answer these questions.

If you have an answer, please leave a comment or answer my poll.


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