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Tips to Keep Momentum in Your Writing

Throughout my writing (and real-world) career, I’ve been acutely aware that keeping momentum in my work is the key to getting things done. Whether I was creating a communication strategy for a client back in the day, or getting a book proposal to a publisher, or finishing that first novel, I had to find ways to propel myself forward.

This is what I shared today on the Moonlight Press blog. It contains my favourite tips for keeping that momentum in writing.

Moonlight Press

It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do: especially if the project is a long one, there often comes a time when you lose momentum. Momentum, of course, is that forward-motion or energy that powers us through our activities toward completion.

Writers, perhaps more than many others, need this propulsion to keep the work flowing. One of the reasons for this is that writers work largely alone. When there is no boss (or editorial deadline) prodding you onward, sometimes writing becomes more tedious than it has to be. All you need is a few approaches to keeping that forward motion. Here are the ones we find useful.

  • Write something – anything – every day. When you are not in the middle of a large project, this kind of writing allows you to explore new ideas or just to practice. When you are in the midst of a project and…

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