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Promoting your writer’s voice online: How do you sound?

A writer’s voice is a funny thing. For me, it imbues both my fiction and my nonfiction with a kind of style that has become something of a trademark for me. The question I pose on this week’s Moonlight Press blog asks whether or not your social media voice is congruent. I know mine usually is and since I have a bit of a wry style, that sometimes comes across as sarcastic. So be it…at least what you read is what you get. How about you?

Moonlight Press

If you write fiction, you’ve been told over and over that publishers and readers look for “fresh voices” and it’s much the same for nonfiction. A writer’s voice is that unique fingerprint that identifies that writer’s style, or as it was put to me early in my writing career, style is the sound your words make on paper.

Writers spend a lot of time cultivating this voice then completely ignore it whenever they are online. Doesn’t it just make simple sense, though, that you’d want your social media voice to emulate the kind of style and voice a reader will find in your writing? It does to me.

Modern social media marketing strategy suggests that online tactics and tools are key to the promotion of absolutely everything these days, books included. So why do writers often forget that their voice everywhere online ought to be consistent and reflective of who…

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