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Writing Advice: Five tips to inspire (and improve) your online research

I’m working on my new novel, and as I research the 1960s, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned about online research over the past 30 years (from before there even was online research…(from the Moonlight Press blog)

Moonlight Press

What do the following two pictures have in common?

Words? Pictures? Ideas? Yes, yes and yes. But they are also both photos of sources I’m using for my new work-in-progress. Yes, they are drastically different in terms of medium. The first two are reference books I’m madly absorbing so that I can recreate the zeitgeist of a moment (or two) in time. The second serves the same purpose, but it’s located on a university library web site among its digitized archives.

When my first nonfiction book was published in 1989 (yes, I’ve been writing for that long), online research was nonexistent. Research required a writer to get up from the desk (or couch), get to the library, spend hours in indices to find the right citations, then hours and hours combing through books, articles, and microfiche readers. Unfamiliar with microfiche? Oh, what you have missed.

A microfiche reader

I used…

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